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Hüseyin "Nith" Yalçın

Front-End Developer


To be honest, I'm currently working for like 3 years in this programming industry. I tried so many back-end languages in past but I don't understand of anything... so I tried my chance with front-end development and today, I'm creating amazing websites to my customers and they like my designs.


When I started to learn front-end development from scratch, it was hard. It's just hard. First month of learning HTML & CSS needs patience for write more understandable code blocks on your editor. After the first month, I tried to find easy ways to add more amazing stuff on my website and I found some frameworks whose supports plugins. Angular, Vue etc. but one of them impressed me. It was React. With this eco-system and understandable syntax, that day is the wonderful day for me. 💙

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Everyone who interacts with programming is very familiar with this wonderful language, JavaScript, so at least I think so. I started to learn this language when I'm trying to add new modules on my React apps. Actually, I got more experience with JS but it's not related with front-end development. It's related about Node.JS applications. (Like Discord/Telegram Bots, Calendar, Calculator apps etc.)

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Well, September 5 - 2019... I remember very well when I bought my first MacBook with 4 months of summer work. I was fill-in happiness when I opening the box. It was exciting... But there's a reason I bought my MacBook. Swift Programming Language. On these days, I was using iPhone 6 and I want to create a special application for myself. So I researched about iOS, watchOS and macOS apps, I saw that there's a one optimised, created by Apple. You guesssed, it's Swift. So far I've created 3 apps, they all suck. So I stopped learning Swift and decided to learn React Native for the easiest way. 😂

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Most of the components are taken from GitHub and other template websites. I'm gonna give all of the links that I tried to create this portfolio for everyone's usage. Want to contribute this project? Send your GitHub pull request to repository and let me check every details of your changed/added assets to website.

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